Q: I just bought a new car. Is it covered?

A: Most Carriers allow a 30 day grace period where the highest level of coverage on your policy will transfer to your new vehicle*

Q: My rate went up at renewal. Is this normal?

A: Unfortunately, yes... We hate insurance premiums too, but being a broker allows us to re-shop rates with all of our carriers to make sure you're always in the best situation. If you would ever like us to look at other options, simply reach out and we will be happy to start the re-shop process.

Q: Who should i contact if I need help with a policy?

A: Click here to access our directory.

Q: What type(s) of insurance do you sell?

A: Glad you asked! We specialize in auto, home and life insurance.

Q: Do you have any preferred vendors who can help me during a claim?

A: We love having trusted partners we can count on. Click here to view a list.