The Three Types of Car Insurance


The Three Types of Car Insurance

Knowing what types of auto insurance are available to you is not always simple. While there are only three main categories, there is a lot of variation within each one. This blog is about the big picture variations between car insurance coverage plans. Details will vary from provider to provider. If you are in Colorado and want help finding the best car insurance for your needs, contact InsureU Colorado today for a fast, free quote!

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The Three Main Types of Coverage

Auto insurance is one of the important, common types of insurance you can own. Here is a simple breakdown of the three main types of coverage you can have:


Liability coverage is the bare minimum level of insurance for drivers. It is there to protect you, as the driver, in case of an accident in which you are held legally responsible. Liability coverage includes damages, lost wages, and medical expenses, among other things. Liability insurance is mandatory for all drivers in Colorado. The minimum level of coverage legally required here is:

  • $25,000 per person for bodily injury
  • $50,000 per accident for bodily injury
  • $15,000 per accident for property damage

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Collision auto insurance covers vehicle repairs following a car accident, regardless of who was at fault. It also covers property damage within the car, as well as outside the car, including trees, buildings, and so on. Collision insurance typically includes a replacement provision, which covers instances of your car being declared “totaled”, providing you the funds to obtain a replacement vehicle of the same market value.


The last main type of auto insurance is comprehensive coverage. This type of coverage pays to repair or replace a vehicle that has been damaged or stolen. It also covers glass and windshield repair. Natural disasters are a common cause of comprehensive auto insurance being utilized.

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